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Odor discrimination deficits were found in 80% of 20 schizophrenia patients and in none of the 20 age- and sex-matched comparison subjects. Olfactory discrimination was reliably measured in the patients. Twelve patients in this study also had smooth pursuit eye movement (SPEM) qualitatively recorded. The olfactory discrimination scores were highly(More)
Deficits in olfactory identification, despite normal odor perception, are found in some neuropsychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia. We examined if regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) differed between schizophrenia patients and controls during odor identification, hypothesizing that these brain regions could be relevant to odor identification(More)
BACKGROUND Postoperative cognitive dysfunction (POCD) is well established in adults but has been underinvestigated in children. As day-case procedures are increasingly common, it is important to establish whether children suffer significant POCD. Pediatric POCD has been associated with several intravenous and inhalation anesthetics, but isoflurane has not(More)
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