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The purpose of this study was to determine if there was a diurnal variation in the DNA synthesis pattern of epithelial basal cells in the dorsum of the mouse tongue between infancy and preadult ages. The pattern of DNA synthesis in the basal cells of mouse tongue in 24-hour periods for different age groups was studied by isotope labeling and(More)
Thirty-three patients with acute iliofemoral thrombosis were randomly assigned to three treatment groups in a pilot dose-ranging study of thrombolytic therapy in deep vein thrombosis. One group received tissue culture urokinase in a dose of 2,200 I.U./kg/hr, and a second group in a dose of 1,100 I.U./kg/hr following a loading dose of 4,400 I.U./kg given in(More)
This paper explores transfer of parasitic gap (p-gap) constructions from English into German by heritage speakers in Wisconsin. Kathol (2001) argues that German lacks ‘true’ p-gap constructions compared to English. Engdahl (1983:73/2001) introduces an accessibility hierarchy of domains in which p-gaps are accepted: (1) Engdahl’s accessibility hierarchy for(More)
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