Alyson Evans

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This paper presents our experiences creating an application for automatic annotation of images and video. The paper focuses on how we have gathered user requirements and developed an application including state-of-theart technologies for content analysis and automatic annotation, while making it highly relevant for the user. “One of the best ways to(More)
The majority of deaths from breast cancer are a result of metastases; however, little is understood about the genetic alterations underlying their onset. Genetic profiling has identified the adhesion molecule plakoglobin as being three-fold reduced in expression in primary breast tumors that have metastasized compared with nonmetastatic tumors. In this(More)
Bisphosphonates (BPs) are effective inhibitors of tumor-induced bone resorption. Recent studies have demonstrated that BPs inhibit growth, attachment and invasion of cancer cells in culture and promote apoptosis. The mechanisms responsible for the observed anti-tumor effects of BPs are beginning to be elucidated. Recently, we reported that(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the short-term biologic effects of neoadjuvant chemotherapy +/- zoledronic acid (ZOL) in invasive breast cancer. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Forty patients were randomized to receive a single 4 mg infusion of ZOL 24 hours after the first cycle of FE100C chemotherapy, or chemotherapy alone. Randomization was stratified for tumor stage, ER,(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The cytotoxic agent paclitaxel and the anti-resorptive drug zoledronic acid are used in the early and advanced breast cancer setting, respectively. Both agents have been demonstrated to have anti-tumour and anti-endothelial actions. Combining paclitaxel with zoledronic acid induces a synergistic increase in apoptotic breast cancer cell death(More)
The amount of multimedia content that is available to the general population has steadily increased in recent years and this brings with it the challenge of managing large quantities of content, for both creators and consumers. The MPEG-7 standard is aimed at facilitating the management of multimedia content by providing a set of standardized tools for(More)
Erratum After the publication of this study [1] an error was detected in Fig. 2e. The same image was accidently used for beta-catenin staining of MCF7 2A-1 and T47D 2A-4. This error does not affect the findings or conclusions of the article. The corrected figure is shown below and we apologise for this mistake. Loss of plakoglobin promotes decreased(More)
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