Aly Rashid

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BACKGROUND 'Brown bag' medication reviews carried out by community pharmacists collaborating with GPs have become established, in the USA and elsewhere, as an effective means of helping primary care patients to derive maximum benefit from their medicines, of identifying medication-related problems and of reducing wastage of medicines. OBJECTIVE We aimed(More)
A random sample of 449 Asian patients and 447 non-Asian patients were interviewed at home in their preferred language using a personally administered questionnaire comparing attitudes to and perceived use of health care services in Leicester. The overall response rate was 89.6%. There were differences in the responses of the Asian and non-Asian populations.(More)
BACKGROUND Improvement in the delivery of influenza and pneumococcal vaccinations to high-risk groups is an important aspect of preventive care for primary healthcare teams. AIM To investigate the effect of an educational outreach visit to primary healthcare teams on influenza and pneumococcal vaccination uptake in high-risk patients. DESIGN Cluster(More)
A method for assessing the consultation skills required in general practice using patient simulators within a simulated surgery has been developed in Leicester, aimed at registrars coming to the end of their three-year training programme. This paper addresses the issues of validity, describing the technique as it has evolved over the past three years, and(More)
Differences do exist between Asians and non-Asians on the range of products they feel should be available over the counter (OTC) and the amount of information they wish to receive. This should be taken into account when considering proposals for changes in the legal status of prescription-only medicines. The profile of the pharmacist as a provider of drug(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide an objective means of assessing patients' and doctors' satisfaction with a consultation. DESIGN Questionnaire study of patients and general practitioners after consultations. SETTING Urban general practice. SUBJECTS 250 Patients attending consecutive consultations conducted by five general practitioners. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(More)
Asians living in Pakistan have serum 25-hydroxycholecalciferol concentrations which are well within the normal range and significantly higher than in Asians resident in Britain. Clearly, Asians can maintain an adequate vitamin D state given an abundant supply of ultraviolet light, and the expression of vitamin D deficiency is an environmental and not a(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the value of SF36v2 versus multi-attribute utility score (MAS) for predicting treatment outcome in heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB). STUDY DESIGN Longitudinal observational study, in an outpatient service of a large UK teaching hospital. 193 women took part. Women were asked to complete SF36v2 and a multi-attribute utility score (MAS)(More)
BACKGROUND "Referral" characterises a significant area of interaction between primary and secondary care. Despite advantages, it can be inflexible, and may lead to duplication. OBJECTIVE To examine the outcomes of an integrated model that lends weight to general practitioner (GP)-led evidence based care. DESIGN A prospective, non-random comparison of(More)