Aly Lala

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INTRODUCTION The first stage of this nationwide study and analysis of the occupational burnout and psychological risk parameters showed a high consistency of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and low personal accomplishment for doctors working in Emergency Departments and Emergency and Resuscitation Services. These workers were then set in the highest(More)
INTRODUCTION The specificity of the emergency medical act strongly manifests itself on account of a wide series of psycho-traumatizing factors augmented both by the vulnerable situation of the patient and the paroxysmal state of the act. Also, it has been recognized that the physical solicitation and distress levels are the highest among all medical(More)
INTRODUCTION Since there have been a number of empirical observations that may lead to the conclusion of an increasing rate of risk behaviors in Romanian students, such as aggression, over-competitive conduct and lack of collaboration, immorality, peer pressure and even an increasing rate of suicide, and suicide attempts, we have undergone a study to(More)
The International "Balint" Award for students, instituted by the Foundation for Psychosomatic and Social Medicine in honor of Michael and Enid Balint, has been a rising opportunity for Romanian medical and psychology students to achieve international fame. Romanian students have been among the winners of this award for the last 10 years, in competition with(More)
Preface Preface This evaluation of DFID's country programme in Mozambique is one of a series of regular Country Programme Evaluations (CPEs) commissioned by DFID's Evaluation Department (EvD). The studies are intended to improve performance, contribute to lesson learning and inform the development of future strategy at country level. Collectively, the CPEs(More)
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