Aly F. Flores Filho

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An analytical method for predicting the three-dimensional (3-D) magnetic flux density distribution in the air gap produced by permanent magnets of an electromagnetic planar actuator, was developed. The analytical 3-D model was validated by means of a finite-element model and by measurements. It allowed the understanding of the behavior of the flux density(More)
The electromagnetic structure of the proposed induction planar actuator (IPA) comprehends a static ferromagnetic core with an aluminium slab as secondary, and a primary moving part called mover. The latter is fitted with three-phase orthogonal windings assembled on a slotted core that produces a linearly moving magnetic field. The interaction between the(More)
This work presents a simple method for obtaining the main parameters, such as the torque constant and the <italic>d </italic>- and <italic>q</italic>-axis inductances <inline-formula><tex-math notation="LaTeX">$L_{d}$</tex-math> </inline-formula> and <inline-formula><tex-math notation="LaTeX">$L_{q}$</tex-math></inline-formula>, for a brushless internal(More)
This paper presents a study on an induction planar actuator concept. The device uses the same principles as a linear induction motor in which the interaction between a travelling magnetic field and a conducting surface produces eddy currents that leads to the generation of a thrust force and can result in movement over a metallic surface. This can benefit(More)
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