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The rapid rise in sales over the Internet and the fact that most Internet buyers pay no sales tax has ignited a considerable debate over taxes and the Internet. This paper uses new data on the purchase decisions of approximately 25,000 online users to examine the effect of local sales taxes on Internet commerce. The results suggest that, controlling for(More)
We present a joint study of the U.S. structural transformation (the decline of agriculture as the dominating sector) and regional convergence (of southern to northern average wages). We find empirically that most of the regional convergence is attributable to the structural transformation: the nationwide convergence of agricultural wages to nonagricultural(More)
  • Austan Goolsbee, Peter J. Klenow, +9 authors Alwyn Young
  • 1999
In this paper we examine the importance of local spilloverssuch as network externalities • and learning from othersin the diffusion of home computers. We use data on 110,000 U.S. • households in 1997. Controlling for many individual characteristics, we find that people are more likely to buy their first home computer in areas where a high fraction of(More)
We estimate an empirical model of consumption disasters using new data on consumption for 24 countries over more than 100 years, and study its implications for asset prices. The model allows for partial recoveries after disasters that unfold over multiple years. We find that roughly half of the drop in consumption due to disasters is subsequently reversed.(More)
Measures of real consumption based upon the ownership of durable goods, the quality of housing, the health and mortality of children, the education of youth and the allocation of female time in the household indicate that sub-Saharan living standards have, for the past two decades, been growing in excess of 3 percent per annum, i.e. more than three times(More)
The neurotoxin tetanospasmin causes tetanus when it reaches the central nervous system. In this autoradiographic study, 125-I-labeled tetanospasmin was injected into the leg muscles of rodents, and the nerves supplying these muscles were crushed. The labeled toxin accumulated within axons on the distal side of the crush. This study provides direct evidence(More)
Alwyn Young (2000) provided evidence for distortions begetting distortions in a partially reformed economy by examining barriers to inter-provincial trade in China. His findings of increasing barriers to inter-provincial trade are based on five arguments. This paper critically examines each of the five arguments and their evidence in turn, and concludes(More)
The mechanisms associated with edema formation after traumatic brain injury (TBI) have not been fully elucidated. In peripheral tissue injury, the neurogenic component of inflammation plays a significant role in increased vascular permeability and edema formation. However, few studies have examined the role of neuropeptide induced neurogenic inflammation(More)
An experiment is described in which newborn infants' processing of stimulus compounds was investigated. After familiarization to two alternately presented stimuli which differed in colour and orientation, the newborns showed significant preferences for a stimulus which had a novel colour/orientation combination: the novel stimulus was produced by(More)
Glycine, an inhibitory transmitter in spinal cord, is taken up into specific nerve terminals by means of a unique high-affinity uptake system. In this study, [3H]glycine was directly microinjected into rat ventral horn in vivo and electron microscope autoradiography used to localize the label in various anatomic compartments. Quantiative analysis showed(More)