Alwyn T Jones

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Odontoid fractures are common in the elderly following minor falls. Almost all of them have osteoarthritis of the cervical spine below the axis vertebra. As a result, there is increased stress on the spared upper cervical spine, resulting in a higher incidence of injuries. As movement in the upper cervical spine involves participation of five joints,(More)
STUDY DESIGN A reliability study of the Modic classification. OBJECTIVE To determine the reliability and reproducibility of the Modic classification for lumbar vertebral marrow changes. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA In 1988, Modic et al described two degenerative stages of vertebral marrow and endplate morphology. These were type 1 (inflammatory phase) and(More)
This report describes a case of septic arthritis of the lumbar facet joint probably as a result of acupuncture treatment. A 48 year old man with a long history of back pain presented with a two week history of increasing pain following a third session of acupuncture. Examination revealed tenderness in the right lumbosacral area and laboratory investigations(More)
Magnetically controlled growing rod systems have been introduced over recent years as an alternative to traditional growing rods for management of early onset scoliosis. The purpose of this paper is to report our early experience of a magnetically controlled growing rod system (MAGEC, Ellipse). Review of pre-operative, postoperative and follow-up Cobb(More)
Chronic relapsing multifocal osteomyelitis (CRMO) is a rare condition. It commonly affects the clavicle and pelvis. Rarely it can affect the spine. Spinal deformity due to CRMO is rare. We report a case of acute scoliosis due to CRMO. A 10-year-old girl with CRMO presented with acute painful scoliosis of her spine. She was neurologically intact. Imaging(More)
STUDY DESIGN The case of a 14-year-old boy with a severe-grade isthmic spondylolisthesis who underwent reduction and stabilization using this technique is described. OBJECTIVE To report a new sequential 3-stage procedure for reduction and stabilization of severe adolescent isthmic spondylolisthesis during 1 operative session. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA(More)
Data management has been identified as a crucial issue in all large-scale experimental projects. In this type of project, many different persons manipulate multiple objects in different locations; thus, unless complete and accurate records are maintained, it is extremely difficult to understand exactly what has been done, when it was done, who did it, and(More)
Completed questionnaires were received from 208 patients on whom 245 operations for ingrowing toenails had been performed at King's College Hospital. Avulsion of a strip of nail had an 83 per cent recurrence rate, total nail avulsion 70 per cent, Zadik operations 28 per cent and wedge resections 29 per cent. It is recommended that immediate avulsion of(More)
BACKGROUND CONTEXT Treatment of unstable burst fractures in the dorsolumbar spine still remains controversial. Surgical stabilization has been aimed to prevent long-term back pain and progression of deformity. PURPOSE This study was aimed to analyze the degree of loss of correction of the angle of kyphosis with pedicle screw instrumentation in place and(More)
STUDY DESIGN A case of an odontoid nonunion in a child treated with anterior screw fixation. OBJECTIVES To demonstrate that an anterior screw procedure can be performed with an odontoid nonunion with resultant fusion to maintain range of motion. METHODS A 15-year-old boy presented with pain in his neck following a rugby football injury. Admission plain(More)