Alwyn S. Todd

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pathologists have experience of unexpectedly low carboxyhaemoglobin saturation levels in fatal carbon-monoxide poisoning. The textbooks give 60% as the minimum lethal concentration for healthy subjects. Why then should apparently fit persons, below the age of 70, die with saturation levels below 50% ? A series of 300 included 24 such cases, with values from(More)
BACKGROUND Studies of sodium have shown improvements in vascular function and blood pressure (BP). The effect of chronic sodium loading from a low-sodium diet to a Western diet on vascular function and BP has been less well studied. OBJECTIVE The objective was to examine the effects of dietary salt intake on vascular function and BP. DESIGN Thirty-five(More)
BACKGROUND Studies of dietary sodium on vascular function and blood pressure in normotensive volunteers have shown conflicting results. There are very limited data available on the effect of chronic sodium loading from a low-sodium diet to a high-sodium diet on vascular function and blood pressure in normotensive volunteers. OBJECTIVE To assess the effect(More)
BACKGROUND Pediatric nutrition risk screening tools are not routinely implemented throughout many hospitals, despite prevalence studies demonstrating malnutrition is common in hospitalized children. Existing tools lack the simplicity of those used to assess nutrition risk in the adult population. This study reports the accuracy of a new, quick, and simple(More)
The adolescent period is associated with changes in eating and activity behaviors in girls. Less reliance on parental provision and choice of food, coupled with a decrease in participation in physical activity and sport, can create an energy imbalance, predisposing to weight gain. Physiological alterations to body composition, reduction in insulin(More)
Factor VIII-related antigen (VIIIR:AG) and procoagulant activity (VIII:C) were measured at weekly intervals in 11 manic-depressive patients during their hospital stay. There were significant correlations between VIII:C (P less than 0.02), VIIIR:AG (P less than 0.05) and the number of hospital admissions over a 10-year period. The patients' VIIIR:AG showed a(More)