Alwyn Roshan Pais

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—Today an application is secured using in-vitro perimeter security. This is the reason for security being considered as nonfunctional requirement in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). In Next Generation Internet (NGI), where all applications will be networked, security needs to be in-vivo; security must be functions within the application. Applications(More)
Logical Key Hierarchy (LKH) is a basic method in secure multicast group rekeying. LKH maintains a balanced tree which provide uniform cost of O(log N) for compromise recovery, where N is group size. However, it does not distinguish the behavior of group members even though they have different probabilities of join or leave. When members have diverse(More)
As web applications become the most popular way to deliver essential services to customers, they also become attractive targets for attackers. The attackers craft injection attacks in database-driven applications through the user-input fields intended for interacting with the applications. Even though precautionary measures such as user-input sanitization(More)