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Male and female rats were dosed daily by gastric gavage four or five times with 8.0 mg/kg Hg as methylmercury. Treatment lowered the body weight in relation to the body weight of untreated rats to the same extent in male and female rats but when body weight was related to the initial body weight, the effect of methylmercury was more pronounced in females(More)
A sixty-three-year-old patient with malignant histiocytic lymphoma of the heart presented with both superior vena cava syndrome and cardiac tamponade. A two-dimensional echocardiogram showed a large tumor mass in the right atrium and pericardial effusion with right ventricular compression. Superior and inferior vena cavagrams disclosed a lobulated tumor(More)
The diagnosis of renal artery embolism should be considered in patients with cardiac disease who present with abdominal or flank pain in association with deteriorating renal function. Often the diagnosis is delayed or missed owing to the nonspecific, varied, and protean clinical manifestations. A case is presented of bilateral renal artery emboli, and(More)