Alwin M. Hartman

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The experiments reported here show that Korte's space-time invariance equation governing perception of apparent motion is limited to situations in which metric or apparent separation of targets define but a single interval of space. Variation in interstimulus intervals and metric separation of targets did not influence the perception of apparent motion when(More)
Aspartic proteases are a class of enzymes that play a causative role in numerous diseases such as malaria (plasmepsins), Alzheimer's disease (β-secretase), fungal infections (secreted aspartic proteases), and hypertension (renin). We have chosen endothiapepsin as a model enzyme of this class of enzymes, for the design, preparation and biochemical evaluation(More)
Prior to the 1930s, designs of research into sexual behavior of infrahuman primates were not comparable; conclusions about physiological and nonphysiological factors in receptivity and mating were confounded by species studied, living and testing conditions, and precaptivity history. Clearly there was need for comprehensive and controlled studies of(More)
To answer questions raised about the accuracy of temporal intervals used to produce perception of apparent motion, interstimulus intervals generated by a computer were measured using physical and psychophysical procedures. Calibration of such devices was assumed initially to be routine but search of the literature indicated that calibration has been ignored(More)
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