Alvydas Navickas

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BACKGROUND It is unclear whether there is a direct link between economic crises and changes in suicide rates. AIMS The Lopez-Ibor Foundation launched an initiative to study the possible impact of the economic crisis on European suicide rates. METHOD Data was gathered and analysed from 29 European countries and included the number of deaths by suicide in(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE We aimed to determine the prevalence of anxiety, depression symptomatology and suicidal ideation among patients with acne and the impact of this skin condition on the quality of life in Lithuania. METHODS The mental health of patients with acne was assessed using an adapted Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, the Dermatology(More)
BACKGROUND It is well known that suicidal rates vary considerably among European countries and the reasons for this are unknown, although several theories have been proposed. The effect of economic variables has been extensively studied but not that of climate. METHODS Data from 29 European countries covering the years 2000-2012 and concerning male and(More)
BACKGROUND The overall evidence base regarding delirium has been growing steadily over the past few decades. There has been considerable analysis of delirium concerning, for example, mechanically ventilated patients, patients in the general intensive care unit (ICU) setting, and patients with exclusively postoperative delirium. Nevertheless, there are few(More)
BACKGROUND There are no standardized tools in Lithuanian feasible for ongoing routine use to measure the effectiveness of psychotherapeutic treatment. The CORE-OM is a widely used 34-item self-report measure for such purpose. AIMS To explore the reliability, validity and sensitivity of the Lithuanian translation of CORE-OM questionnaire. METHODS A(More)
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