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Generalized Hydrodynamics with Space-Time Inhomogeneous Interactions.
A new hydrodynamic framework to describe out-of-equilibrium integrable systems with space-time inhomogeneous interactions with classical sinh-Gordon model is provided.
Generalized hydrodynamics of classical integrable field theory: the sinh-Gordon model
Using generalized hydrodynamics (GHD), we develop the Euler hydrodynamics of classical integrable field theory. Classical field GHD is based on a known formalism for Gibbs ensembles of classical
Exact Local Correlations and Full Counting Statistics for Arbitrary States of the One-Dimensional Interacting Bose Gas.
We derive exact analytic expressions for the n-body local correlations in the one-dimensional Bose gas with contact repulsive interactions (Lieb-Liniger model) in the thermodynamic limit. Our results
From the sinh-Gordon field theory to the one-dimensional Bose gas: exact local correlations and full counting statistics
We derive exact formulas for the expectation value of local observables in a one-dimensional gas of bosons with point-wise repulsive interactions (Lieb-Liniger model). Starting from a recently
Thermalization of a Trapped One-Dimensional Bose Gas via Diffusion.
It is shown that whenever the underlying integrability of the gas is broken by the presence of the external potential, the inevitable diffusive rearrangements between the quasiparticles, quantified by the diffusion constants of theGas, eventually lead the system to thermalize at late times.
Generalized hydrodynamics with dephasing noise
We consider the out-of-equilibrium dynamics of an interacting integrable system in the presence of an external dephasing noise. In the limit of large spatial correlation of the noise, we develop an
Rényi entanglement entropies for the compactified massless boson with open boundary conditions
Abstract We investigate the Rényi entanglement entropies for the one-dimensional massless free boson compactified on a circle, which describes the low energy sector of several interacting
Spreading of entanglement and correlations after a quench with intertwined quasiparticles
We extend the semiclassical picture for the spreading of entanglement and correlations to quantum quenches with several species of quasiparticles that have non-trivial pair correlations in momentum
Nonequilibrium Steady State Generated by a Moving Defect: The Supersonic Threshold.
A strong dependence on the defect velocity is shown and the existence of a sharp threshold when such velocity exceeds the speed of sound is shown, which allows recasting the time-dependent protocol in a scattering problem on a static potential.
Quasi locality of the GGE in interacting-to-free quenches in relativistic field theories
We study the quench dynamics in continuous relativistic quantum field theory, more specifically the locality properties of the large time stationary state. After a quantum quench in a one-dimensional