Alvin W. Su

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BACKGROUND Treatment options for nonunion of the femoral shaft fracture after intramedullary nail fixation are controversial. The methods of exchanging an existing nail with a larger-sized nail, dynamization, removal of the nail followed by plating, and bone grafting have all been reported. From those options, exchange nailing seems to be the most popular(More)
BACKGROUND The American Diabetes Association (ADA) clinical practice recommendations have been widely promoted, but they lack a geriatric-specific approach to care. We aimed to determine the style of care that endocrinologists, general internists, and geriatricians provided to their elderly patients with diabetes and to what extent these medical(More)
Bone and joint pain are commonly encountered conditions in daily practice. In the elderly, when osteolytic lesions are identified in imaging studies, metastatic bone tumor is the first impression that comes to the clinician's mind. Although the worst-case scenario should be ruled in, other differential diagnoses such as metabolic bone disease should be(More)
In addition to cholesterol lowering, 3-hydroxy-3-nethylglutaryl coenzyme A (HMG-CoA) reductase inhibitors limit inflammatory changes associated with atherosclerosis. There is also support for their use as inhibitors of progression in chronic renal disease, irrespective of cause. In this study, their capacity to limit acute renal inflammation was evaluated.(More)
STUDY DESIGN Medical economic model with multi-way sensitivity analysis. OBJECTIVE To compare the direct costs of growing rod (GR) versus Magnetic Expansion Control System (MG) from a payer's perspective. We hypothesized that over time the MG will become more cost-effective. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Traditional GRs provide effective treatment, but(More)
BACKGROUND P38 MAP kinases are centrally involved in mediating extracellular signaling in various diseases. While much attention has previously been focused on the ubiquitously expressed family member MAPK14 (p38α), recent studies indicate that family members such as MAPK13 (p38δ) display a more selective cellular and tissue expression and might therefore(More)
BACKGROUND Adjacent segment pathology is a known complication after spinal fusion, but little has been reported on junctional failure. A series of adolescent patients presented with acute distal junctional failure (DJF). We sought to determine any common features of these patients to develop a prevention strategy. METHODS A retrospective review was(More)
OBJECTIVE Reconstruction for osteosarcoma around the knee after wide resection faces the challenge of great bone defect and future limb length discrepancy in the skeletally immature patients. Modern prosthetic reconstruction may provide good results, but the longevity may be of concern and may not be affordable in certain communities. Allograft knee(More)
Current clinical concepts are reviewed regarding the epidemiology, anatomy, evaluation, and treatment of pediatric ankle fractures. Correct diagnosis and management relies on appropriate examination, imaging, and knowledge of fracture patterns specific to children. Treatment is guided by patient history, physical examination, plain film radiographs and, in(More)