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Bubble nucleation and growth dynamics, on a nanosecond time scale, induced by pulsed laser heating of a liquid–solid interface are studied experimentally. A surface-plasmon probe is implemented as a novel, highly sensitive method for the study of submicroscopic bubbles, providing accurate information on the nucleation thresholds , growth velocities, and(More)
Single-phase magnetoelectric multiferroics are ferroelectric materials that display some form of magnetism. In addition, magnetic and ferroelectric order parameters are not independent of one another. Thus, the application of either an electric or magnetic field simultaneously alters both the electrical dipole configuration and the magnetic state of the(More)
Transient acoustic waves generated by laser-induced bubble formation at a liquid–solid interface are sensitively monitored using optically excited surface plasmons. This method enables the detection of both the compressive and tensile waves with high accuracy as demonstrated for the propagation and reflection of acoustic pulses at a quartz–water interface.(More)
A magnetic field penetrates a superconductor through an array of 'vortices', each of which carries one quantum of flux that is surrounded by a circulating supercurrent. In this vortex state, the resistivity is determined by the dynamical properties of the vortex 'matter'. For the high-temperature copper oxide superconductors (see ref.1 for a theoretical(More)
Bubble nucleation and growth dynamics on a nanosecond lime scale induced by pulsed laser heating or ucoustlc cavitation are scudied experimentally. Sensitive lest methods such as optical reflection and light hcatterlng. piezoelectric transducer. and surface plasmons are used to monitor lhreshold Ruences for bubble nucleation. bubble growth velocities. and(More)
The removal of dust particles from semiconductor surfaces requires new cleaning strategies such as Steam Laser Cleaning (SLC). It is based on laser-induced explosive evaporation of a liquid layer applied on the surface. We have investigated the laser-induced nucleation and growth of gas bubbles at silicon/water, silicon/isopropanol and(More)
Wetland forests represent some of the most productive forest lands in the southeast. They are also an environ-mentallysensitive ecotype whii presents unique problems for forest operations. Sustaining active management in these areas will require systems which can operate on weak soil conditions without adversely affecting soil properties or stand(More)
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