Alvin S. Zelickson

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We performed a 22-month trial of topical tretinoin (retinoic acid) in the treatment of photoaging. Thirty patients participated in a 4-month, randomized, blinded, vehicle-controlled study that has been reported previously; 21 patients continued tretinoin therapy on an open-label basis, participating in the study for a total of 10 months, and 16 patients(More)
639 Rev Assoc Med Bras 2010; 56(6): 639-41 Cutis verticis gyrata (CVG) is a rare disease that is characterized by excess scalp skin, producing thick folds that form creases and ridges similar in appearance to the whorls of the cerebral cortex. It was first described in the literature by Robert in 1843 and the name cutis verticis gyrata was proposed by Unna(More)
Daily application of 1% fluorouracil cream to normal white skin results in definite morphologic alterations of the epidermis. Although clinical changes were not present, electron microscopic examination of the tissue demonstrates changes especially pronounced in the epidermal keratinocytes. These changes consist of cytoplasmic vacuoles, alterations in the(More)
An ultrastructural study of 2 patients with Netherton's syndrome (bamboo hair, scaling dermatosis, and an atopic diathesis) showed features of psoriasis and a dermatitis. Although the biopsies from the patients showed histological and ultrastructural similarities, the clinical presentations were different. One patient had ichthyosis linearis circumflexa,(More)
The epidermis of mice ranging in age from prenatal day 17 through postnatal day 4 and, in addition, postnatal day 18, was studied with the electron microscope. In the 17 day fetus, the periderm may or may not be present and a stratum corneum is developing in the latter case. The cells of the strata spinosum and granulosum contain much glycogen and many(More)