Alvin Nelson El Amin

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Previous studies of the effect of 6-monthly vitamin A supplementation on child mortality have given conflicting results. In other trials, more frequent doses of vitamin A have significantly reduced mortality among children at risk of vitamin A deficiency. We have done a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of vitamin A supplementation in the Sudan among(More)
Vaccinations are one of public health's greatest achievements. However, an ethical dilemma lies in the balance of personal autonomy and choice versus protection of the entire at risk population. Vaccines have become readily available in most parts of the world, yet debates continue as to the appropriateness of requirements for vaccinations, including legal(More)
BACKGROUND School-located influenza vaccination (SLV) programs have the potential to mass-vaccinate all enrolled children, but parental consent is required. OBJECTIVE To examine parental attitudes and determine predictors of parental consent for vaccination of schoolchildren through SLV programs. PATIENTS/METHODS Surveys were distributed to parents of(More)
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