Alvin Liberman

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This paper reports about our investigation on action understanding in the brain. We review recent results of the neurophysiology of the mirror system in the monkey. Based on these observations we propose a model of this brain system which is responsible for action recognition. The link between object affordances and action understanding is considered. To(More)
An nc candidate state has been observed with a mass M = (2978 4 9) MeV and a natural line width I' < 20 MeV (90% C.L.) using the Crystal Ball NaI(TR) detector at SPEAR. Radiative transitions to this state are observed from $'(3684) and J/$(3095) in the inclusive photon spectra. The branching fraction to this state from the JI' is (0.43 +0.08 1 0.18)X. In(More)
When we hear words from an unfamiliar language spoken by a native of that language, we often have difficulty perceiving the phonetic differences among contrasting consonant (or vowel) sounds that are not distinct phonemes in our own language. Of course, we experience no difficulty with phones that are very similar to our own native phonemes. Very young(More)
We report the results of a pion-electron scattering experiment to measure the charge radius of the pion. The experiment was performed in a 50 GeV/c negative, unseparated beam at the IHEP accelerator, Serpukhov, and has been briefly reported in an earlier publication [ 1 ]. A magnetic spectrometer instrumented with wire spark chambers was used to record the(More)
Chestnut, J. Gaiser, G. Godfrey, C. Kiesling, M. Oreglia. Results from the Crystal Ball experiment at SPEAR are presented. A preliminary analysis of the 3 photon final state from the J/$(3095) and of the cascade decays of the $'(3684) yield new upper limits on the controversial states X(2820), x(3455) and the even C-parity state at 3.59 GeV. From inclusive(More)
92 specimens of rat's corneal epithelium were studied to estimate the effect of pyruvic acid on cell division characteristics. 0.1 M solution of pyruvic acid decreases the mitotic activity of rat corneal epithelium, the portion of prophase increasing the number of metaphase decreasing. These results support a hypothesis on the possible role of low molecular(More)
The use of sinusoidal replicas of speech signals reveals that listeners can perceive speech solely from temporally coherent spectral variation of non speech acoustic elements. This sensitivity to coherent change in acoustic stimulation is analogous to the sensitivity to change in configurations of visual stimuli, as detailed by Johansson. The similarities(More)
The radiative decay J/$ -+ rqnn has been studied with data taken with the Crystal Ball detector at the SPEAR e+estorage ring. In addition to the well-known q’, the qnn mass spectrum shows a broad enhancement centered at 1700 MeV. We have searched for the ~(1440) in the qnn mass spectrum and find: WJ/llr -+ 4 (b --+ vr) BR( J/q3 --. 7~) (L + K K T) < 0.5(More)
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