Alvin C Jones

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Repeated subthreshold stimulation of limbic brain areas increases seizure susceptibility in experimental models of epilepsy. In addition, acute dietary indispensable amino acid (IAA) deficiency activates the anterior piriform cortex (APC), a seizure-prone limbic brain area in the rat. Based on these two findings, we hypothesized that activation of the APC(More)
Cartilage defects have a limited ability to self-heal. Stem cell treatment is a promising approach; however, replicative senescence is a challenge to acquiring large-quantity and high-quality stem cells for cartilage regeneration. Synovium-derived stem cells (SDSCs) are a tissue-specific stem cell for cartilage regeneration. Our recent findings suggest that(More)
INS37217 [P(1)-(uridine 5')-P(4)-(2'-deoxycytidine 5')tetraphosphate, tetrasodium salt] is a deoxycytidine-uridine dinucleotide with agonist activity at the P2Y(2) receptor. In primate lung tissues, the P2Y(2) receptor mRNA was located by in situ hybridization predominantly in epithelial cells and not in smooth muscle or stromal tissue. The pharmacologic(More)
BACKGROUND Trauma patients are often transferred to regional Level I trauma centers from other institutions. At times, when the patient presents to the trauma center, radiologic studies performed at the previous institution are repeated. The aim of this study was to assess the proportion of computed tomographic (CT) scans repeated in trauma patients(More)
A 25-year-old, female rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) presented with a history of weight loss despite a normal appetite and supportive care. The animal was humanely destroyed due to poor prognosis. Post-mortem examination revealed a focally extensive, firm, white annular constriction at the ileocaecal junction and an incidental finding of a pale white(More)
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