Alvarus S. K. Chan

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The interactive effects of soil texture and type of N fertility (i.e., manure vs. commercial N fertilizer) on N(2)O and CH(4) emissions have not been well established. This study was conducted to assess the impact of soil type and N fertility on greenhouse gas fluxes (N(2)O, CH(4), and CO(2)) from the soil surface. The soils used were a sandy loam (789 g(More)
Accurate assessment of N(2)O emission from soil requires continuous year-round and spatially extensive monitoring or the use of simulation that accurately and precisely predict N(2)O fluxes based on climatic, soil, and agricultural system input data. DAYCENT is an ecosystem model that simulates, among other processes, N(2)O emissions from soils. The purpose(More)
The effect of nitrogen (N) additions on the dynamics of carbon monoxide consumption in temperate forest soils is poorly understood. We measured soil CO profiles, potential rates of CO consumption and uptake kinetics in temperate hardwood and pine control plots and plots amended with 50 and 150 kg N ha-1 year-1 for more than 15 years. Soil profiles of CO(More)
To investigate the consequences of long-term N additions on soil CH4 dynamics, we measured in situ CH4 uptake rates, soil profiles and kinetics parameters during the growing season in a temperate deciduous forest in northwestern Pennsylvania (Allegheny College Bousson Environmental Forest). Measurements were made in control and adjacent plots amended with(More)
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