Alvaro de la Cruz-Dombriz

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Along this review, we focus on the study of several properties of modified gravity theories, in particular on black-hole solutions and its comparison with those solutions in General Relativity, and on Friedmann–Lemaı̂tre–Robertson–Walker metrics. The thermodynamical properties of fourth order gravity theories are also a subject of this investigation with(More)
A. de la Cruz-Dombriz, M. Montero, and C. S. Shahbazi Astrophysics, Cosmology and Gravity Centre (ACGC) and Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Cape Town, Rondebosch 7701, Cape Town, South Africa Instituto de Ciencias del Espacio (ICE/CSIC) and Institut d’Estudis Espacials de Catalunya (IEEC), Campus UAB, Facultat de Ciències,(More)
We study the differences in the gamma–ray spectra simulated by four Monte Carlo event generator packages developed in particle physics. Two different versions of PYTHIA and two of HERWIG are analyzed, namely PYTHIA 6.418 and HERWIG 6.5.10 in Fortran and PYTHIA 8.165 and HERWIG 2.6.1 in C++. For all the studied channels, the intrinsic differences between(More)
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