Alvaro Valcarce

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—This paper introduces analytical expressions for the modeling of path-loss and shadow fading in residential indoor-to-outdoor scenarios. The formulas have been calibrated using channel power measurements at the radio frequencies of common cellular systems and are thus suitable for channel modeling in femtocell networks. The expressions presented here can(More)
This paper introduces a rapidly deployable wireless network based on Low Altitude Platforms and portable land units to support disaster-relief activities, and to extend capacity during temporary mass events. The system integrates an amalgam of radio technologies such as LTE, WLAN and TETRA to provide heterogeneous communications in the deployment location.(More)
With the increased penetration of LTE and LTE-Advanced into the telecommunication market, many efforts have been made to increase the wireless coverage and extend it to previously inaccessible environments. Femtocells have been introduced in order to provide such coverage amelioration for regions where connectivity is reduced due to interference and signal(More)
Since 2008, Professor Jie Zhang's publications have been cited for over 2100 times. The papers listed below include some of the most widely cited papers on femtocell and eICIC for HetNet (Heterogeneous Network), both of which are key enabling technologies for 4G/5G mobile communications networks. For up-to-date citation information, please visit This is the(More)
This paper describes two IP-level architectures for connecting 3G femtocells via Iuh to a femtocell gateway over a BGAN satellite link. These architectures allow femtocells to be deployed in isolated regions where satellite links serve as the only means of communication (e.g. oceanic outposts, deserts, rural regions, disaster areas, etc). Additionally, this(More)
This paper first describes the phenomenon of Gaussian pulse spread due to numerical dispersion in the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method for electromagnetic computation. This effect is undesired, as it reduces the precision with which multipath pulses can be resolved in the time domain. The quantification of the pulse spread is thus useful to(More)
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