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Snake antivenoms are formulations of immunoglobulins, or immunoglobulin fragments, purified from the plasma of animals immunized with snake venoms. Their therapeutic success lies in their ability to(More)
The taxonomic status of the medically important pitviper of the Bothrops atrox-asper complex endemic to Venezuela, which has been classified as Bothrops colombiensis, remains incertae cedis. To help(More)
Caprylic acid purification of IgG, currently used in the manufacture of horse-derived antivenoms, was successfully adapted for the preparation of sheep and camel IgG. Sheep IgG had a molecular mass(More)
Species of the genus Bothrops induce the vast majority of snakebite envenomings in Latin America. A preclinical study was performed in the context of a regional network of public laboratories(More)