Alvaro Restuccia

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The action of the 11D supermembrane with nontrivial central charges compactified on a 7D toroidal manifold is obtained. It describes a supermembrane evolving in a 4d Minkowski space-time. The action is invariant under additional symmetries in comparison to the supermembrane on a Minkowski target space. The hamiltonian in the LCG is invariant under conformal(More)
We construct the Hamiltonian of the D = 11 Supermembrane with topological conditions on configuration space. It may be interpreted as a supermembrane theory where all configurations are wrapped in an irre-ducible way on a calibrated submanifold of a compact sector of the target space. We prove that the spectrum of its Hamiltonian is discrete with finite(More)
We discuss the consistency of the D = 11 supermembranes with non zero central charge arising from a nontrivial winding CSNW. The spectrum of its regularized Hamiltonian is discrete ans its heat kernel in terms of a Feynman formula may be rigorously constructed. The N → ∞ limit is discussed. Since CSNW is equivalent to a noncommutative supersymmetric gauge(More)
We present the complete set of N = 1, D = 4 quantum algebras associated to massive superparticles. We obtain the explicit solution of these algebras realized in terms of unconstrained operators acting on the Hilbert space of superfields. These solutions are expressed in terms of the chiral, anti-chiral and tensorial projectors which define the three(More)
In built noncommutativity of supermembranes with central charges in eleven dimensions is disclosed. This result is used to construct an action for a noncommutative supermembrane where interesting topological terms appear. In order to do so, we first set up a global formulation for noncommutative Yang Mills theory over general symplectic manifolds. We make(More)
The SL(2, Z) duality symmetry of IIB superstring is naturally realized on the D = 11 supermembrane restricted to have central charges arising from a nontrivial wrapping. This supermembrane is minimally immersed on the target space (MIM2). The hamiltonian of the MIM2 has a discrete quantum spectrum. It is manifestly invariant under the SL(2, Z) symmetry(More)
The hamiltonian formulation of the supersymmetric closed 2-brane dual to the double compactified D=11 closed supermembrane is presented. The formulation is in terms of two U (1) vector fields related by the area preserving constraint of the SUSY 2-brane. Stable solutions of the field equations, which are local minima of the hamiltonian, are found. In the(More)
A supersymmetric gauge invariant action is constructed over any 4-dimensional Riemannian manifold describing Witten's theory of 4-monopoles. The topological supersymmetric algebra closes off-shell. The multiplets include the auxiliary fields and the Wess-Zumino fields in an unusual way, arising naturally from BRST gauge fixing. A new canonical approach over(More)