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We construct the Hamiltonian of the D = 11 Supermembrane with topological conditions on configuration space. It may be interpreted as a supermembrane theory where all configurations are wrapped in an irreducible way on a calibrated submanifold of a compact sector of the target space. We prove that the spectrum of its Hamiltonian is discrete with finite(More)
We present the complete set of N = 1, D = 4 quantum algebras associated to massive superparticles. We obtain the explicit solution of these algebras realized in terms of unconstrained operators acting on the Hilbert space of superfields. These solutions are expressed in terms of the chiral, anti-chiral and tensorial projectors which define the three(More)
We study the interaction of non-Abelian topological BF theories defined on two dimensional manifolds with point sources carrying non-Abelian charges. We identify the most general solution for the field equations on simply and multiply connected two-manifolds. Taking the particular choice of the so-called extended Poincaré group as the gauge group we discuss(More)
A Higgs mechanism for Abelian theories over non-trivial background flat connections is proposed. It is found that the mass generated for the spin 1 excitation is the same as the one obtained from the standard Higgs mechanism over trivial backgrounds, however, the dynamical structure of the action for the Higgs scalar is completely different from the usual(More)
The SL(2, Z) duality symmetry of IIB superstring is naturally realized on the D = 11 supermembrane restricted to have central charges arising from a nontrivial wrapping. This supermembrane is minimally immersed on the target space (MIM2). The hamiltonian of the MIM2 has a discrete quantum spectrum. It is manifestly invariant under the SL(2, Z) symmetry(More)