Alvaro Piazetta Pinto

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the correlation of cytopathological and colposcopycal diagnosis with the histopathological analysis from biopsy. METHODS 80 patients from the colposcopy ambulatory of the Hospital e Maternidade Santa Brígida de Curitiba, PR, were selected. Those patients were sent to colposcopy under the following criteria: 1) previous abnormal(More)
A laryngocele is an air-filled dilatation of the saccule of the larynx. An infected laryngocele is called a laryngopyocele. Our experience with two cases of laryngopyoceles are presented. Only 29 cases of laryngopyoceles have so far been reported in the literature (Illum and Nehen, 1980). Case one had a right-sided combined laryngopyocele and case two had a(More)
Human papillomavirus (HPV) plays a central rule in uterine cervix carcinogenesis. Other factors direct or indirectly influence the installation of this mechanism in cervical squamous epithelium. Investigations regarding mechanisms of interaction of these factors with viral elements are found in the literature of the last 20 years. The present review article(More)
A prospective study of 222 consecutive autopsies of cancer cases was undertaken to investigate whether carcinomatous lymphangitis and pure arterial tumor embolism of the lungs are different clinicopathological entities. The lungs were removed as a block and 15 sections (three from each lobe) were analyzed. A protocol containing clinical (ie, dyspnea,(More)
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