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The objective of this work is to analyze the causes of lumbar discomfort while sitting on a chair, by analyzing the relationship of lumbar curvature, pelvic inclination and their mobilities with discomfort. An experiment has been performed with healthy subjects, in which comfort, postural and mobility parameters have been measured. Their relationship has(More)
Polymorphonuclear leukocytes from patients with chronic granulomatous disease respond to the phagocytosis of latex particles with normal increments in glucose consumption, lactate production, Krebs' cycle activity, and lipid turnover. The leukocytes of these patients fail to show normal increments in respiration, direct oxidation of glucose, and hydrogen(More)
This paper presents an inexpensive and simple system to measure the way of use of the backrest. The system can be also used in field studies. It is based on a set of electrodes which, attached to the subject's back and the backrest, allows the contact area to be measured. A laboratory test was performed to validate the system. In the test the spontaneous(More)
The leukocyte-phagocytic function test which was found to be abnormal in boys with fatal granulomatous disease of childhood has been found to be abnormal to an intermediate extent in their mothers. Nine of nine mothers were shown to be abnormal, whereas none of eight fathers and none of five healthy brothers exhibited a defect. 10 of 16 female siblings were(More)
This white male child was normal until the age of 6 months when he began to have recurrent upper respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. When he was 18 months old, he developed poliomyelitis and was left with some residual weakness of the legs. A few months later a diagnosis of dermatomyositis was made on the basis of generalized muscle weakness,(More)