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Communication support is a serious limitation for Latin American firefighters when they deal with emergency situations. The insufficient number of radio channels and the impossibility to deliver digital information force firemen to improvise during response processes, e.g., to make decisions using their experience and poor or null supporting information.(More)
The lack of communication channels and support information can make the critical search and rescue of survivors after a disaster an ineffective process resulting in losses. This work addresses this problem by proposing a simple and portable command post application based on mobile devices and ad-hoc networks. The application provides support to(More)
The Internet of Things (IoT) has inspired solutions that are already available for addressing problems in various application scenarios, such as healthcare, security, emergency support and tourism. However, there is no clear approach to modeling these systems and envisioning their capabilities at the design time. Therefore, the process of designing these(More)
— The recent growth of social networking and sensing applications has enabled people to perform crowd computing. In turn, this activity has opened several opportunities to address people's needs in various application areas, such as tourism, security, entertainment and emergency response. However, the design of these applications has also brought several(More)
Awareness mechanisms are normally used to deliver context information to computer systems users. These mechanisms have been extensively studied as part of collaborative solutions designed for stationary scenarios, and recently on mobile and pervasive applications. The conventional awareness mechanisms through audio or visual messages have proved to be(More)