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One means of supporting software evolution is to adopt an architecture where the function of the software is defined through recon-figuring the flow of execution and parameters of pre-existing components. For such software it is desirable to maximise the reuse of assurance assets, and minimise re-verification effort in the presence of change. In this paper(More)
Simulink’s Stateflow is a graphical notation widely adopted in industry. Since it is frequently used to model safety-critical systems, correctness of implementations of Stateflow charts is a major concern. In previous work, we have shown how we can generate formal models for refinement of Stateflow charts automatically. Here, we define a refinement strategy(More)
SysML is a variant of UML for systems design. Several formalisations of SysML (and UML) are available. Our work is distinctive in two ways: a semantics for refinement and for a representative collection of elements from the UML4SysML profile (blocks, state machines, activities, and interactions) used in combination. We provide a means to analyse and refine(More)