Alvaro Madeiro Leite

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Critical to the design and assessment of interventions for enteropathy and its developmental consequences in children living in impoverished conditions are non-invasive biomarkers that can detect intestinal damage and predict its effects on growth and development. We therefore assessed fecal, urinary and systemic biomarkers of enteropathy and growth(More)
OBJECTIVES Deficits in weight gain and linear growth are seen frequently among children in areas where malnutrition and recurrent infections are common. Although both inflammation and malnutrition can result in growth hormone (GH) resistance, the interrelationships of infection, inflammation, and growth deficits in developing areas remain unclear. The aim(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the relationship between pacifier use and the duration of exclusive breast-feeding in the first six months of age, among poor children with unfavourable birth weight, from an underdeveloped region in Brazil. METHOD Prospective cohort study with infants followed from birth to 6 months of age. Healthy children born with unfavourable(More)
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