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We report electro-absorption modulation of light at around 1550 nm in a unipolar InGaAlAs optical waveguide containing a InGaAs/AlAs double-barrier resonant tunneling diode (DB-RTD). The RTD peak-to-valley transition increases the electric field across the waveguide, which shifts the core material absorption band-edge to longer wavelengths via the(More)
OBJECTIVES Deficits in weight gain and linear growth are seen frequently among children in areas where malnutrition and recurrent infections are common. Although both inflammation and malnutrition can result in growth hormone (GH) resistance, the interrelationships of infection, inflammation, and growth deficits in developing areas remain unclear. The aim(More)
Critical to the design and assessment of interventions for enteropathy and its developmental consequences in children living in impoverished conditions are non-invasive biomarkers that can detect intestinal damage and predict its effects on growth and development. We therefore assessed fecal, urinary and systemic biomarkers of enteropathy and growth(More)
Hybrid sol-gel technology was used for fabrication of prototypes of coaxial two, three and four telescopes beam combiners for astronomical applications. These devices were designed for the astronomical J-band and have been characterized using an optical source with emission centered at 1265 nm and with a spectral FWHM of 50 nm. Interferometric(More)
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