Alvaro H. Galvis

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This paper analyzes “The Return of The Incredible Machine: Contraptions” from two complementary perspectives–educational software engineering, and theories of learning through play and games. One goal of the analysis is to identify the specific design features that make edutainment software successful, and, in doing so, to assist creators, evaluators and(More)
This document presents research findings concerning Critical Success Factors (CSF)—those few activity areas that deserve special attention to success—implementing multimedia case-based teacher professional development in school districts where this is an educational innovation. Our findings emerge from data collected during the first pilot implementation of(More)
Discussion of teaching cases can make a significant difference in teacher preparation, as long as it helps teachers reflect on their professional practices, by reviewing both other teachers’ cases and their own documented experiences(Barnett, 1998). On this basis, teachers build, or refine, teaching knowledge. In the last two decades there have been major(More)
The $100 computer will soon be a reality. The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) effort led by Nicholas Negroponte has put new energy into the idea of a low-cost educational computer that could be used anywhere in the world. Today they sell for around $175, but are available only if you want to buy a few million. The OLPC team hopes to get the price down to $100(More)
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