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The " Big Data " era has arisen, driven by the increasing availability of data from multiple sources such as social media, online transactions, network sensors or mobile devices. This is currently a focus of interest among public and private organizations, governments, research institutes and companies operating in diverse fields as health, security,(More)
The Soccer League Competition algorithm is a recently new approach to solve optimization problems using metaheuristic technique. It is based in the interaction between soccer players and teams, and the primary objective to win each match and become the best team player or league player. The present paper intends the Python programmatic implementation of(More)
The Set Covering Problem (SCP) is one of the most representative combinatorial optimization problems and it has multiple applications in different situations of engineering, sciences and some other disciplines. It aims to find a set of solutions that meet the needs defined in the constraints having lowest possible cost. In this paper we used an existing(More)
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