Alvaro Espejo

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This study compares the ratings for three dimensions of organizational citizenship behaviour (OCB) provided by managers (self-ratings), their subordinates, and their colleagues (superiors and peers) in the Spanish branch of a multinational food company. Using hierarchical confirmatory factor analysis, we find strong method effects, indicating that ratings(More)
OBJECTIVE To find the risk of ischaemic cardiopathy in a sample of hypertension patients. DESIGN Crossover study. SETTING Almanjáyar and Cartuja Health Centres (Granada). PATIENTS AND OTHERS TAKING PART: 202 Hypertension patients included in the programme and belonging to three practices in the above-mentioned centres. MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS We(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether doctors know users' beliefs about health and to investigate some of these beliefs. DESIGN A crossover study. SETTING The Cartuja and Almanjayar Health Centres in Granada. PATIENTS AND OTHER PARTICIPANTS These were 204 users of the two centres, chosen at random and who attended for on-demand attention for whatever(More)
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