Alvaro Calderon

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In order to study the characteristic signs of an induced estrus in beef cattle maintained in the tropics, 31 animals, 16 pure Charolais and 15 Charolais/Brahman cross, were continuously observed during the first 100 hours following prostaglandin injection. The animals were pastured in a field of approximately 3 hectares. A highly significant relationship (P(More)
Individuals of Gopherus flavomarginatus, previously adapted to experimental conditions were chronically implanted for polygraphic recordings. Four different states of vigilance were observed:. Active wakefulness, quiet wakefulness, quiet sleep and active sleep. EEG was polymorphic and irregular showing a decreasing tendency in frequency and amplitude when(More)
Behavioral and electrophysiological features of sleep and wakefulness were studied in chronically implanted adult parakeets, Aratinga canicularis. Four states of vigilance were observed: (1) Wakefulness. It is divided into active and passive. During this state there are generalized motor manifestations which are more frequent and intense in active(More)
OBJECTIVE To show that patients with intertrochanteric fractures treated with a proximal femoral nail have a better postoperative course than those treated with a DHS plate (dynamic hip screw). METHODS Patients with a Boyd & Griffin type II intertrochanteric fracture were randomly divided into two groups: a group of patients treated with a PFN and another(More)
UNLABELLED We aimed to assess the additional value of SPECT/CT over planar lymphoscintigraphy (PI) in sentinel node (SN) detection in malignancies with different lymphatic drainage such as breast cancer, melanoma, and pelvic tumors. METHODS From 2010 to 2013, 1,508 patients were recruited in a multicenter study: 1,182 breast cancer, 262 melanoma, and 64(More)
Differential diagnosis of NPH and brain atrophy is sometimes difficult. Recently, a new method using MRI was introduced as a noninvasive, direct technique for the measurement of intracranial CSF volume. Using this new technique, we measured the intracranial and ventricle CSF volume in patients with enlarged ventricles in order to differentiate between NPH(More)
e13013 Background: Meningioma is a bening tumor, with a high rate of recurrence after surgery (80%); the most important relapse predictive factor is the extent of surgical resection; other potentially predictive factors have been studied with poor results. Angiogenesis has an important role in growth and spread of neoplasic cells; previous studies have(More)
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