Alvaro Bilbao

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The traditional disease and diagnostic medical model is not always useful to brain injury professionals who need to describe, measure, and compare deficits associated with neurologic insult. Professionals in neurorehabilitation are in need of new systems that will assist them in identifying impairments and areas of intervention. The aim of this article is(More)
Cognitive processes require a functional interaction between specialized multiple, local and remote brain regions. Although these interactions can be strongly altered by an acquired brain injury, brain plasticity allows network reorganization to be principally responsible for recovery. The present work evaluates the impact of brain injury on functional(More)
A few autopsy proved cases of Alzheimer's disease with myoclonus have been hitherto reported. We think that myoclonus is a frequent clinical feature in advanced cases of Alzheimer's disease. Our second case is such an example with a chronic evolution. In cases like our first one, with a short history, myoclonus, and atypical, diphasic, periodic complexes in(More)
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