Alvaro A. Cruz-Cabrera

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An all-optical implementation of a feed-forward artificial neural network is presented that uses self-lensing materials in which the index of refraction is irradiance dependent. Many of these types of material have ultrafast response times and permit both weighted connections and nonlinear neuron processing to be implemented with only thin material layers(More)
Artificial neural networks are learning systems modeled loosely after the architecture of the brain. These are usually envisioned as a collection of discrete nonlinear processors called artificial neurons with a massive number of artificial synapses connecting them together. A major hurdle, when attempting to build neural networks in hardware is(More)
The optical bench realization of a feed forward optical neural network, developed by the authors, is presented. The network uses a thermal nonlinear material that modulates the phase front of a forward propagating HeNe beam by dynamically altering the index of refraction profile of the material. The index of refraction cross-section of the nonlinear(More)
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