Alva Erwin

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High utility itemsets mining extends frequent pattern mining to discover itemsets in a transaction database with utility values above a given threshold. However , mining high utility itemsets presents a greater challenge than frequent itemset mining, since high utility itemsets lack the anti-monotone property of frequent itemsets. Transaction Weighted(More)
Mining High Utility Itemsets from a transaction database is to find itemsests that have utility above a user-specified threshold. This problem is an extension of Frequent Itemset Mining, which discovers itemsets that occur frequently (i.e. with occurrence count larger than a user given value). The problem of finding High Utility Itemsets is challenging,(More)
—The increase of malware that are exploiting the Internet daily has become a serious threat. The manual heuristic inspection of malware analysis is no longer considered effective and efficient compared against the high spreading rate of malware. Hence, automated behavior-based malware detection using machine learning techniques is considered a profound(More)
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