Alułzio Araújo

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The phosphate (P(i)) dissociation step of the cross-bridge cycle was investigated in skinned rat ventricular myocytes to examine its role in force generation and Ca(2+) regulation in cardiac muscle. Pulse photolysis of caged P(i) (alpha-carboxyl-2-nitrobenzyl phosphate) produced up to 3 mM P(i) within the filament lattice, resulting in an approximately(More)
The rate of activation of tension development by free Ca2+ was examined in skinned rat ventricular myocytes. Pulse photolysis of the photosensitive Ca2+ chelator, Nitr-7, was used to rapidly elevate Ca2+ in the vicinity of the myofilaments. Tension increased exponentially with a first-order rate constant (kCa) that depended on the level of Ca2+ activation.(More)
The effects of glucocorticoid agonists RU 26988 (G) and dexamethasone (D) and antagonist RU 486 (AG) on aortic and renal prostaglandin (PG) production were studied in Wistar rats. Blood pressure increased in rats administered G (20 mg X kg-1 X day-1) during 1 or 3 days; such increase was prevented by AG (100 mg X kg-1 X day-1). Renal papillary PGE2 release(More)
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