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We use two coupled photonic crystal cavities to build an all-optical gate. The control and the modulated signal are separated spectrally by about 10 nm. This device was operated at a rate ranging from 1 to 10 GHz with maximum coupled average power of less than 1 mW in the control signal, which translates to about 100 fJ per control pulse.
The structure of potassium dinitramide (KDN), KN(3)O(4), has been refined in the temperature range 85-298 K from single-crystal X-ray diffraction data. The unit-cell axial lengths and the cell volume decrease linearly on cooling with the b axis being the most sensitive to the change of temperature. The beta cell angle increases with decreasing temperature.(More)
In developing an improved understanding of the dynamics of understory plant composition and productivity in Coastal Plaii forest ecosystems, we examined the iniluence of site preparation and phosphorus fertilization on the successional trends of shrubs and herbaceous plants growing on lands of widely ranging sub-contributions of personnel, resources and(More)
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