Altino Loureiro

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Using robots with industrial welding operations is common, but far from being a solved technological process. The problems are with the robots (still in early stages, difficult to use and program by regular operators), the welding process (complex and not really well known) and the Human-Machine interfaces (non natural, really not working). In this paper we(More)
This paper presents methodologies to discretise nominal robots paths extracted from 3-D CAD drawings. Behind robot path discretization is the ability to have a robot adjusting the traversed paths so that the contact between robot tool and work-piece is properly maintained. In addition, a hybrid force/motion control system based on Fuzzy-PI control is(More)
This paper presents a method for robot self-recognition and self-adaptation through the analysis of the contact between the robot end-effector and its surrounding environment. Often, in off-line robot programming the idealized robotic environment (the virtual one) does not reflect accurately the real one. In this situation we are in the presence of a(More)
Pleural effusion is common in Pulmonology but primary pleural neoplastic causes are rare and sometimes difficult to diagnose.1 Case 1: A 50-year-old ex-smoker man with dyspnea, right chest pain and constitutional symptoms for 1 month was hospitalized for pleural effusion. The pleural fluid was an exudate containing predominantly mononuclear leukocytes,(More)
The relevance and importance of industrial robots in manufacturing has increased over the years, with applications in diverse new and non-traditional manufacturing processes. This paper presents the concept and design of a novel friction stir welding (FSW) robotic platform for welding polymeric materials. It was conceived to have a number of advantages over(More)
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