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A review of published literature on viral hepatitis infections in Pakistan is presented. A total of 220 abstracts available in the Pakmedinet and Medline have been searched. All relevant articles were reviewed to determine the prevalence of hepatitis viral infections in Pakistan. Two hundred and three (203) relevant articles/abstracts including twenty nine(More)
Pakistan's Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) performance has a significant impact on global and regional immunization indicators such as poliomyelitis eradication, maternal and neonatal tetanus and measles elimination. Despite significant efforts by the Government and partners, Pakistan's immunization indicators have not met the expected benchmarks.(More)
OBJECTIVE The effectiveness of Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) vaccine in preventing severe pneumonia in Asian children has been questioned, and many large Asian countries yet to introduce Hib conjugate vaccine in immunization programs. The primary objective of this study was to assess Hib conjugate vaccine effectiveness (VE) on radiologically-confirmed(More)
Pakistan, with Nigeria, India and Afghanistan, is one of the four remaining polio endemic countries in the world. Since the start of polio eradication initiative in 1994, the country has succeeded in reducing the number of polio cases from an estimated 20,000 annually to 89 in 2009. Furthermore, persistent transmission is largely localized to three(More)
Mass vaccination campaigns with the oral poliovirus vaccine targeting children aged <5 years are a critical component of the global poliomyelitis eradication effort. Monitoring the coverage of these campaigns is essential to allow corrective action, but current approaches are limited by their cross-sectional nature, nonrandom sampling, reporting biases, and(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize patients with suspected measles, determine the magnitude of the outbreak in selected areas, and perform laboratory testing on patients with suspected measles to confirm the etiology of the outbreak. STUDY DESIGN Cross-sectional survey. PLACE AND DURATION OF STUDY Islamabad and Rawalpindi in June 2006. METHODOLOGY Survey and(More)
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