Alphonse d'Houtaud

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We looked for variables that could serve as indexes of alcohol consumption. We tested iron, gamma-glutamyltransferase, mean erythrocyte volume, mean erythrocyte hemoglobin concentration, urea, uric acid, and alanine aminotransferase, among others, in an unselected population of men, and by principal components analysis we singled out the correlation between(More)
To evaluate prospectively the effect on mortality of wine drinking in Eastern France, we conducted an analysis on 34,014 consecutive middle-aged men coming for a comprehensive health appraisal between 1978 and 1983. We evaluated education, physical activity, smoking, and drinking habits by a questionnaire. Electrocardiogram, blood pressure, serum total(More)
This paper examines trends in the French consumption of alcohol over the last three decades, and includes data on the production of alcoholic beverages, the consumption of different types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, morbidity and mortality related to the consumption of alcohol, and a brief description of French preventive and educational(More)
This study compared the personality self-representations of 288 hand injured patients with those of 959 young people (15–25 years old) randomly selected from the general population (noted GP), and with those of 336 unemployed people of all ages in professional training (U) in Lorraine (north-eastern France). The relationship between patients' personality(More)
How does the population define health? To put to the test the techniques of a socio-psychological approach to this question, a study was made on a sample of the population of Lorraine who underwent a medical examination: a straight forward question on the best definition of health put to 4,000 participants received 6,172 replies which were classified(More)
Some global results are presented here several studies of psychosociology conducted in Lorraine; they deal with attitudes and expectations of the people about their health and are obtained from a special factor analysis. This method, of a descriptive nature, allows us to understand the pluridimensional universe of some of the representations considered and(More)
D'une série de travaux psychosociologique, menés en Lorraine et concernant les attitudes et les attentes de la population dans le domaine de la santé, ont été extraits ici quelques résultats globaux obtenus à partir d'analyses factorielles des correspondances. Cette dernière méthode d'analyses statistiques à caractère descriptif permet de mieux accéder à(More)