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We present six draft genome sequences of Salmonella enterica serovar Bovismorbificans from isolates associated with the 2011 hummus-borne multistate outbreak. All six genome sequences indicate the presence of two plasmids, one of which demonstrates similarity to the 93-kb pSLT2 IncF-type plasmid of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium.
OBJECTIVES We describe nevirapine and efavirenz exposure on and off tuberculosis treatment and consequences for virological efficacy and tolerance in patients included in the ANRS 12146/12214-CARINEMO trial. METHODS Participants were randomly selected to receive either nevirapine at 200 mg twice daily (n = 256) or efavirenz at 600 mg daily (n = 270), both(More)
INTRODUCTION Since 2010, WHO has recommended oral cholera vaccines as an additional strategy for cholera control. During a cholera episode, pregnant women are at high risk of complications, and the risk of fetal death has been reported to be 2-36%. Due to a lack of safety data, pregnant women have been excluded from most cholera vaccination campaigns. In(More)
INTRODUCTION NEAT001/ANRS143 was an open-label, randomized, non-inferiority study comparing raltegravir+darunavir/r(RGV+DRV/r) vs. tenofovir/emtricitabine+darunavir/r (TDF/FTC+DRV/r) in HIV-infected antiretroviral naïve adults. Primary efficacy outcome was a composite of virological and clinical events by week 96. MATERIALS AND METHODS Clinical trial(More)
This paper addresses the clustering and classification of active genes during the process of cell division. Cell division ensures the proliferation of cells, but becomes drastically aberrant in cancer cells. The studied genes are described by their expression profiles (i.e. time series) during the cell division cycle. This work focuses on evaluating the(More)
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