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In regard to somatization disorder which covers an important section of our patient population, there is no systematic structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study in the literature. Therefore, we aimed to use structural MRI to evaluate the hippocampus amygdalar complex which is associated with both stress and regulation of emotion that are main basis(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the blood mercury levels in dental students and clinical teaching staff in a dental school using amalgam as a restorative material. SETTING A dental school in Ege University, Turkey surveyed during one academic year. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Cross-sectional study of groups of dental students (n=92) in years I to V, clinical teachers(More)
To date, no study has examined the pituitary volumes in patients with hypochondriasis. In the present study, we evaluated pituitary volumes in patients with hypochondriasis and healthy controls. Twenty individuals with hypochondriasis (ten males, ten females), aged 20 to 48 years, and healthy controls were included into the study. The pituitary volumes were(More)
OBJECTIVE Despite of the suggested physiological relationship between somatoform disorder and disturbances in HPA axis function no volumetric study of pituitary volumes in somatization disorder has been carried out. Therefore, we aimed to use structural MRI to evaluate the pituitary volumes of the patients with somatization disorder. METHODS Eighteen(More)
INTRODUCTION Two problems need to be faced during cleft lip and palate surgical treatment to gain a functional and esthetic result: restoration of the maxillary bone defect and the missing lateral incisor tooth, which may be replaced by an implant. The aim of our study was to demonstrate that it is possible to successfully place a dental implant after(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the diagnostic role of the apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) measurement in the diagnosis of focal parenchymal lesions and to understand the discriminating role of the ADC value for differentiating Fasciola lesions from other focal liver lesions. We measured ADC values of parenchymal lesions and liver parenchyma(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate congenital abnormalities of ribs using multidetector computed tomography. METHODS The retrospective study was conducted at Mustafa Kemal University Research Hospital, Hatay, Turkey and comprised data of patients aged 1-45 years who attended the Radiology Department for computed tomography of the thorax between January 2010 and July(More)
Fat necrosis is a benign nonsuppurative inflammatory process that most commonly occurs in female breast. It is a rare condition in male breast. There are very few reports in the literature. There is a wide range of manifestations of fat necrosis and can mimic breast cancer clinically and radiologically. We report a case of fat necrosis of the breast in a(More)