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In their search for a cure, a significant number of cancer patients use nonproven treatment (NPT) methods. However, little is known about patient and disease characteristics associated with the use of these methods. In this trial, we evaluated the prevalence of and the factors associated with the usage of nonproven cancer remedies in a teaching hospital in(More)
We investigate the impact of the securitization activity by banks on their lending standards in the syndicated loan market. Across 20,830 syndicated loan deal – bank combinations we find that the originating banks that are more active on the securitization market are also more aggressive in their loan pricing. Securitization activity may therefore lead to(More)
The unique structure of syndicated lending results in information asymmetries within the lending syndicate between banks of varying degrees of seniority. While previous studies have attempted to use indirect proxy measures to capture the effects of such information asymmetries, in this paper we propose a more direct measure. This offers new insights into(More)
We examine the effect information asymmetries among syndicate members on loan spreads. In particular we measure the past relationship of each participant and arranger with the borrower separately by using the previous number of borrowing/lending interactions and the duration of these interactions. Using a sample of 5,842 syndicated loan transactions, we(More)
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