Alpaslan Savas

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The objective of the present study was to determine the time-dependent course of choline uptake in mature organotypic slice cultures of rabbit hippocampal formation and to assess the effects of continuous and single high-dose irradiation on choline uptake in cultivated slices in vitro. Transverse slices of hippocampus were dynamically incubated in a(More)
Experiments using peripheral nerve lesions (crush or transection) in rats to study repair processes are hampered by the tendency for the animals to attack the limb in which the peripheral nerves are damaged (autotomy). In this paper we describe a simple method which significantly reduces the incidence of autotomy after peripheral nerve lesions. The method(More)
This talk presents analytical and simulation models that attempt to capture the behavior of a structured common channel Signalling System Number 7 network during congestion conditions. In particular, the objective of these models is to study and evaluate the steady state performance of the congestion control protocol operation of Message Transfer Part -(More)
This paper considers the application of distributed transmit diversity (TD) to digital broadcast networks. Distributed TD allows spatial encoding across transmit sectors (cell-sites or satellites) each with a single antenna. We focus on Alamouti space-frequency (SF) codes in particular and consider terrestrial systems based on cellular type networks. System(More)
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