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Firms developing or maintaining software products can't ignore global software development's impact. Managing multiple simultaneous projects and production support with a global staff over the last several years has also made us aware of traps to avoid. The global software development model provides a tactical approach for companies pursuing or planning to(More)
Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis (HPS) is the most common cause of gastric outlet obstruction in infants, with an incidence of 1.5 to 3 per 1000 live births, and classically presents at 3 to 4 weeks of age. Delayed presentation of HPS is an extremely rare occurrence after early infancy. With the exclusion of congenital HPS, gastric outlet obstruction in(More)
Complement is a key arm of the innate immune defenses against the pathogenic neisseriae. We previously identified lipooligosaccharide on Neisseria meningitidis as an acceptor for complement C4b. Little is known about other neisserial targets for complement proteins C3 and C4, which covalently attach to bacterial surfaces and initiate opsonization and(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of the study is to report a unique association of clinical and pathological findings in a neonate. Foregut enteric duplication cysts--rare developmental anomalies that are associated with midline vertebral fusion anomalies. METHODS We had a neonate with foregut duplication cyst who presented at birth with respiratory distress. The(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Children with a type I/II congenital pouch colon (CPC) malformation associated with imperforate anus usually are treated by subtotal excision of the colonic pouch, tubularization of the remaining portion, and pull-through of the tubularized colon during definitive surgery. The authors report 3 patients treated in this fashion who(More)
A three-and-half-year-old boy presented with recurrent chest infections, fever and weight loss of three month duration not responding to antibiotics. The chest X-ray and CT scan revealed a large well-circumscribed mass in right upper thorax with collapse of right upper lobe. A preoperative diagnosis could not be made even after fine needle aspiration(More)
Testicular tumor in prepubertal age group is uncommon. Most of the testicular tumors are benign in this age group and present as painless, hard testicular mass. We present a case where a 7 year male child presented to us with painless scrotal swelling, which was cystic and transilluminating, clinically mimicking as hydrocele. On ultrasonography, the mass(More)
A two-and half-year-old boy presented with a short history of fever, jaundice and abdominal distension. At laparotomy, a rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) arising from the common bile duct (CBD) was found. The tumor including the CBD was successfully excised and a Roux-en-Y hepaticodochojejunostomy was performed. Postoperatively, the child received chemotherapy and is(More)