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The worldwide cancer incidences are remarkable despite the advancement in cancer drug discovery field, highlighting the need for new therapies focusing on cancer cell and its microenvironment, including inflammation. Several species of Drosera (family: Droseraceae) are used in various traditional as well as homeopathic systems of medicine. Drosera burmannii(More)
The safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) is considered a strongly domesticated species with a long history of cultivation. The hybridization of safflower with its wild relatives has played an important role in the evolution of cultivars and is of particular interest with regards to their production of high quality edible oils. Original safflower varieties(More)
Fourteen Indian natural populations (6 from the north and 8 from the south) of Drosophila rn,elanogaster were screened for chromosome inversions and 23 paracentric inversions including 4 common cosmopolitan (In(2L)t, In(2R)NS, In(3L)P and In(3R)P), 2 rare cosmopolitan (In(3R)Mo and In(3R)C) and a recurrent endemic (In(3L)IB) found to be common in(More)
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