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PURPOSE Choroid plexus tumors (CPT) are rare childhood neoplasms. The relatively small number of reported cases and the controversies surrounding the clinical and pathological classification of these tumors have made it difficult to define a standard of care for these patients. Our intention is to contribute to the body of knowledge of these tumors and(More)
PURPOSE The occurrence of extraosseous Ewing's sarcoma (ES) in deep soft tissues has been well described, but cases in which this tumor occurs in a primary cutaneous or subcutaneous site have rarely been reported. The superficial variant may be less aggressive than are the more common bony and deep soft tissue counterparts with an apparently favorable(More)
A retrospective case note analysis was performed on all patients treated for traumatic diaphragmatic rupture (TDR) at a major teaching hospital between January 1990 and August 1998. Patients were identified from the prospectively maintained UK Trauma and Research Network Database. Of the 480 cases of torso trauma admitted during the study period, 16 (3.3%)(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess disease control, patterns of relapse, factors predictive of relapse, and late effects of treatment, we reviewed all cases of supradiaphragmatic (SD) Hodgkin's disease (HD) treated with primary radiation therapy (RT) at our institution. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed the disease characteristics, treatment history, and long-term(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this analysis is to evaluate the patterns of failure and the role of local therapy in conjunction with bone marrow transplantation (BMT) for metastatic or recurrent breast cancer. METHODS AND MATERIALS Between June 1986 and November 1991, 46 patients with hormone unresponsive metastatic or recurrent breast cancer underwent high dose(More)
When prostate biopsy cores are separately identified in multiple containers, current recommendations are to grade each specimen individually. For treatment algorithms, the highest Gleason score (HGS) is typically used as the overall score, even if a lower score predominates. This practice has the potential to misrepresent the overall cancer in the entire(More)
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